See how aluminum and wood are fused into fish art!
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Welcome to the first e-newsletter for JIT Companies! Each quarter, we will share with you some tips for custom fabricating and getting the best results from your projects, what's new and exciting at JIT Companies, and some of the most noteworthy projects from artists and engineers around the country that JIT has had the honor of working on.  
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JIT's Core Values
At JIT Companies, we are driven by 5 core values, the values at JIT Companies are both our identity and our promise that define and motivate every interaction with our customers.  For us, simply hanging belief statements on the wall isn’t sufficient. Read more about our 5 Values.
In a fusion of polished aluminum and exotic woods, Mark and Rebecca Gottschalk produce a fish species collection in a style that is part of Art Deco and New Age Industrial Metals. Their fish art is displayed at a popular Disney Resorts Restaurant.
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What cutting process would be best to use for your project – laser or waterjet?  When cutting metals, plastics, glass, and a multitude of other materials, you will need to consider the capability of the machine and company you choose to do business with. Our first question to customers at JIT is always; what is the material and how thick is it?
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Transportation is always a talking point because of the increasing costs related to moving materials from point-to-point.  This is all the more reason you should be considering bringing JIT Companies on as a project partner.  We offer pickup and delivery services using our own trucks. Learn more.
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