Get inside tips on metal surface finishing, metal graining of 3-dimensional parts, engraved metal & paint filling.
Hunting for Metal Finishing Services?
Whatever metal surfacing service you are hunting for, JIT Companies can help you track down the ideal solution. Whether it is waterjet cutting and processing JIT supplied material, or if you already have a material you want to supply to us for metal finishing... It's always "Open Season" at JIT Companies!
JIT's Metal Finishing Terms
JIT Companies specializes in straight-line metal finishing. There are many facets and terms that are used in the metal finishing industry. Many times  a single term can have different meaning to each individual which can lead to a misunderstanding at some point in the finishing process. This terminology is used by everyone at JIT and it will help make sure that we are all speaking the same language. Read about JIT's Metal Finishing Terms.
Metal Surface Finishing with Blemished Materials
JIT has tips on how to achieve a premium brushed finish with blemished stainless steel plates. The surface specification and conditions of the material you provide to us are important.
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Metal Graining of  
3-Dimensional Parts
Many custom parts have various shapes, bends, welds and cutouts that make up the finished part. Our metal artisans take metal finishing and metal graining to another level that is often unmatched with our ability to do what most people consider the impossible.
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Engraved Metal & Paint Filling the Easy Way
Find out how JIT Companies makes engraved metal and paint filling easy. We recommend a minimum depth of .025” for paint filling and a 2-part catalyzed paint. After it's cured, the next step is wide belt finishing with a stroke sander. We can help!
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